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Customer Services

Our customer service team provides you with the key information you need to make informed decisions about your business. This can include:

• Timely reports – i.e. stock, sales, patterns
• Key Performance Indicators to your specification
• Account management
• Back office support

Returns processing

Despite everybody’s best efforts, occasionally customers will want to return items. Prime makes it as easy and convenient as possible for your customers. We have cartons with double seals, making it easier for the customer to use the original packaging material, and we use carriers who provide drop-off points for returns to ensure the customer is not inconvenienced.

End-of-line management

We have an experienced team who can strip down your unsold products and make them ready for sale into new and/or foreign markets. Items such as gifts, labels and inserts can be added to the product before being finished and packed ready for shipment.


To protect brand and product value we can de-brand certain items before they are sold on via other sales channels or into overseas countries. We take great care to ensure the product is not damaged whilst during this process and that it is fully prepared for its future purpose.


We are able to re-pack almost any type and quantity of product into new configurations or branded packaging ready for distribution, sale or resale.

Precision labelling

Our team takes great care to ensure every label, sticker or band is placed in the right place. We also quality-check labels to ensure they are correct before application and have a number of multi-lingual staff for products being exported to foreign markets.

Stock destruction

End-of-line stock that cannot be sold should not incur on-going storage costs. We will alert you to items which may have been dormant for some time or which has reached their shelf life so that you can decide if you wish to retain or dispose of this stock.

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